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Harris County Appraisal District
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payments for any jurisdiction.
All tax payments must be mailed
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for the jurisdiction that sent you
the tax bill.

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The Attorney General for the State of Texas has taken action against O'Connor & Associates resulting in an Agreed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction.
Community Housing Development Organization Property Capitalization Rate
HCAD Warns Homeowners to be Wary of Homestead Designation and Unclaimed Money Solicitations


The Appraisal Review Board Hearing

The Appraisal Review Board is separate from the appraisal district even though ARB hearings are held in the HCAD building. In fact, appraisal district employees and ARB members are allowed very little interaction, and ARB members are prohibited from discussing a property owner protest with anyone outside the hearing.

ARB members are Harris County citizens chosen by a state administrative judge. “The Role of the Appraisal Review Board” can be found under the VIDEOS tab above and could provide some helpful insight for you.

Property owners must check in at the front desk at least 15 minutes before their scheduled hearing. Tax consultants must check in 30 minutes before their scheduled hearing. If a property owner appears on time and the hearing doesn’t start within two hours, it will be postponed upon request.

When a hearing is ready to start, you are called and escorted to the hearing room. A description of the property is read and you must acknowledge its accuracy. Next you will be asked to state an opinion of value and to sign a disclosure form that you are providing truthful information at the hearing.

You and the appraiser exchange any evidence you plan to use in the hearing. You will then speak first to provide information supporting your position. ARB panel members and the appraiser may ask questions. Then the appraiser presents evidence in support of the appraisal district’s position and makes a final recommendation. Panel members may ask additional questions and you are invited to ask questions.

The ARB panel chair declares the testimony closed, the panel deliberates, makes a decision based on the issues protested, announces their decision for the record and the hearing is declared over. Finally, you will be given a printout of the panel’s final decision. However, the decision then must be approved before the full ARB at its monthly meeting before the decision becomes final.

Remember to bring at least FOUR copies of your evidence; one for each member of the ARB panel and one for the HCAD appraiser. Hearings generally are limited to approximately 15-20 minutes, so be prepared to present your testimony and evidence.

Examples of evidence you could bring include: problems with your house, such as a damaged roof or a cracked slab, or problems with your property such as frequent flooding or a fault line through the middle of your lot. Also, try to compare your home to other similar homes in your neighborhood. Remember if you bring photos, make sure you have paper copies and not digital photos because you won’t be able to pass around your smartphone photos in the time allotted.

Remember that the date of your appraisal is based on its value as of January 1 of this year, so you would be protesting the market value of your property as of that date. Any improvements or damage to your property after January 1 should not be part of the protest.

A Summary of ARB Hearings Procedures as well as the complete document ARB 2015 Hearing Rules and Procedures can be found under the “Resources” tab

Does Damage From The Recent Flooding Affect My Property Value?

Many homeowners in Harris County have experienced property damage due to the recent storms and flooding. As a courtesy, we want to remind you that the appraised value of your property for 2015 is set based on the home’s condition as of January 1of this year. We appraise property every year on January 1, so recent flood damage to your home that is not repaired by January 1, 2016, may be reflected in next year’s value. If you have already filed a protest or are planning to file a protest, please be aware that the recent flooding will not affect the taxable value of your property for this year.


2015 Reappraisal Values

The Harris County real estate market has continued to show growth over the last year, as reported by many local and national news outlets. Properties in virtually every segment of the market have experienced increases in sale prices, median prices, dollar volume and sales volume. [read more]


Houston Among Top Cities for Growth and Income

Read the Houston Business Journal story ranking Houston the seventh best city in the U.S. for combined population growth and high-income households.


Are You A First Time Property Owner Or New To Texas?
Are You A First Time Property Owner Or New To Texas?
Associate Chief Appraiser Stephen Atchison talks to new property owners and new Texas residents about the property tax system in Texas and HCAD’s role in the tax system. [read more]

Filing Renditions Electronically Using iFile

If you own tangible personal property that is used to produce income, you must file a rendition with the Harris County Appraisal District by April 15. A rendition is a report that lists all the taxable personal property you owned or controlled on Jan. 1 of this year. Business personal property includes such things as office equipment, business vehicles, vessels and aircraft, inventory, machinery and other types of equipment, trade fixtures, supplies, work in process and raw materials held for business purposes. We have scheduled 6 renditions workshops to help you complete the process. Click here for times and locations.

Some renditions may be filed electronically using HCAD's iFile™ system. If a unique iFile™ number is printed on your rendition form below the account number then you may render online by going to www.hcad.org/ifile. Complete instructions can be found on the iFile™ website. If no iFile™ number is printed on your rendition form, you will need to complete and file the form manually. Rendering with iFile™ is quick and convenient. We urge you to use it if an iFile™ number is printed on your paper rendition form.


A residence homestead exemption is the most common type of exemption and applies to most owner-occupied homes in Texas and excludes part of your property’s value from taxes. [read more]


HCAD’s electronic notice and protest filing system allows property owners to iFile a protest and use iSettle to accept or decline an offer. [read more]


If you think the market value of your property is incorrect, the appraisal district encourages you to file a protest. [read more]


The property tax is the primary source of local government revenue in Texas and provides funding for the services provided by counties, cities, school districts etc. [read more]

Residential Field Appraiser Facts

HCAD’s residential field staff is engaged in various appraisal projects throughout the year to enter changes in property characteristics. How to recognize an appraiser working in your neighborhood. [read more]

Highway construction along the Northwest Freeway

Highway construction along the Northwest Freeway and its service roads near the HCAD building may create some traffic congestion so plan for time to get through the construction.

290 Construction
Heavy equipment works on the outbound Highway 290 lanes by HCAD

Here is a link to Highway 290 travel information for your convenience.