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Harris County Appraisal District
has no authority to receive tax
payments for any jurisdiction.
All tax payments must be mailed
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for the jurisdiction that sent you
the tax bill.

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The Attorney General for the State of Texas has taken action against O'Connor & Associates resulting in an Agreed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction.
Community Housing Development Organization Property Capitalization Rate
HCAD Warns Homeowners to be Wary of Homestead Designation And Unclaimed Money Solicitations


2014 Appraisals are in the mail. Should you Protest?

If you are like most Harris County property owners, your property value has increased. Along with your appraisal notice, you also received a “protest” form from us. Keep in mind, this kind of protest is an appeal of your property’s market value, which is what it would sell for on the open market. These protests go to the Appraisal Review Board, not to local government officials.

If you’re concerned about tax levels, you should take those concerns to local government officials.

If you believe you need to protest your property value, we encourage you to take advantage of two online programs –iFile and iSettle. We expect a very busy year. As you can see from the photo below, Highway 290 in front of the appraisal district is under construction. With iFile and iSettle, you may be able to handle your appeal entirely over the internet. Scroll down for more information. You can start the iFile/iSettle process here. There is also more general information at Information about Protests & Corrections

290 Construction
Heavy equipment works on the outbound Highway 290 lanes by HCAD

Here is a link to Highway 290 travel information for your convenience.


2014 Reappraisal Values

The Harris County real estate market has shown rapid growth over the last year, as reported by many local and national news outlets. Properties in virtually every segment of the market have experienced increases in sale prices, median prices, dollar volume and sales volume. [read more]


High-End Housing Boom Keeps Many Buyers Waiting

Read the Houston Chronicle story of how record low housing inventory in some of the hottest neighborhoods is driving up home prices.


The 2014 protest deadline for most owners of real property in Harris County is June 2nd. The filing deadline for business personal property and real property accounts sent value notices after May 1 is 30 days from the date the notice was mailed.

While a printed protest form is included with each value notice, owners who decide to protest are encouraged to take advantage of our new electronic notice and protest filing system.


If you think the market value of your property is incorrect, the appraisal district encourages you to file a protest.

There are two programs – iFile and iSettle – that we have in place to help streamline any appeal you choose to make. You can use both of these programs from the comfort of your home or your office.

Using iFile and iSettle can eliminate the need for you to come to the district office at 13013 Northwest Freeway. This will be especially useful this year while construction on 290 has increased traffic congestion on the highway and service roads around HCAD’s building.

Receipt of your protest will be immediately verified by email. Your data, along with other market information, will be reviewed by an appraiser, and you will be notified by email of a decision on your iSettle protest.

As soon as HCAD notifies you of our decision, you will have immediate online access to all of the information, including the comparable sales, used in considering your appeal. You can use that information to decide whether to accept or reject HCAD’s decision. If you are not satisfied, you’ll be scheduled to make your case at a formal Appraisal Review Board hearing.


The Harris County Appraisal District has launched a new electronic notice and protest filing system for property owners.

The new system allows property owners to iFile a protest and use iSettle to accept or decline a settlement offer from HCAD.  Using the new system, property owners are also able to reschedule a formal hearing and look at their hearing evidence on the system.

Property owners can access the new system through their property account on www.hcad.org by clicking on the “File a Protest” button in the upper left or by directly going to owners.hcad.org. Once there, property owners can use their iFile number to create a log-in that will link to their account. Property owners also can link an account to their personal email.

When the registration is complete, property owners will be able to view documents online. If owners elect to enroll in paperless delivery, documents will be emailed directly to them.

To view the new system and see the options available, go to owners.hcad.org.

For more information about protesting and settling your value online:

Sands L. Stiefer, RPA
Chief Appraiser

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